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AfterPay & LayBuy available x
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Do you do custom orders?

We do! However, we have a minimum of $100 for custom orders and require a 50% deposit upfront. If you're after something specific then send us a message and we can arrange a custom order or we will happily keep an eye out on our next buying trip!

I'm new to crystals, what should I buy?

I have always followed my intuition when buying crystals and purchase what I am drawn to and then look up the meaning and benefits later. Without fail, they always relate to my current situation! I always recommend using this tactic to my friends or customers, you know what you need, you just need to trust yourself!
However, if someone asks what good crystals are to start off with/what are crystals everyone should own I always recommend the following: 
- Clear Quatz
- Selenite
- Rose Quartz 
- Smokey Quartz 
- Amethyst 
- Labradorite 
- Citrine 

How do I know if the crystals actually work? Is it just a gimmick?

Spend time with them! Notice how you feel when holding a crystal, both physically and mentally. Do you notice any tingling or warmth? Do you suddenly feel energised or calm? I always recommend people to start with an open mind and zero expectations, just allow yourself to be present and notice any feelings or changes in mood. Being aware of how best to use each crystal is super important too. For example, if you purchase an amethyst in hopes of getting a better night's sleep, make sure you place it in your bedroom close to your bed. It's not going to help you sleep much if its out in the kitchen! 

Do I need to cleanse my crystals?

I cleanse every order before sending it out but I always recommend spending some time with your new crystal/s to perform a deep cleanse when they arrive. You can do this using energy, sound, sun/moonlight, sage, Palo Santo or water to name a few! This will clear out any stagnant or negative energy they have absorbed during their travels and ensure they are like a 'clean slate' for your needs. I also suggest cleansing them at least once a month from then on. My crystals get a mini cleanse every week when I burn sage or Palo Santo and I love to place them outside during the full moon for a deeper cleanse. If I am carrying or using a crystal regularly then I try to make sure I give them more regular cleansing too! 


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